A Little Bit About Me

Scroll stopping imagery is my flex

Unique content and engaging tone is my superpower

Keshia Sophia.jpg

Hello! I'm Keshia - a lover of stories in all their forms. ​

Every dish, every product, every business is unique. My goal is to provide the best setting for your creation to be heard authentically.


It's kind of my thing. 

Immersed in a culture of film and food from a young age, I have developed a keen eye for cinematography with a love affair for authentic cuisine.

But I’m not just interested in texture and lighting. I want to capture the story behind your creation.

I have always been drawn to language as well as visual culture. Seeing the right combination of words come together to spill forth an idea, sensation or moment sets my soul on fire!

Graduating with a first class honours in film and literature has only fuelled that passion for capturing expression in the best possible light. 

Why does this matter for your brand? 

It's simple. We may have an abundance of platforms to choose from but not all of us have the ability to tell our stories well.

My strength lies in translating your work into a language accessible to many but reflective of you.

Consider me your professional hype woman and fan girl all in one. I love being part of the process of sharing your unique product with the world. 

It's true, celebrating your creativity and passion get's me going!

Whether it's within your own space or setting an ideal scene in mine, the choice of how you wish to translate your work is entirely yours.

So tell me, what's your story?