A Little Bit About Me

Self image_edited.jpg

I'm Keshia


I love to write - creatively, emotionally, academically, or critically but always passionately.  If I am not behind my desk, you may just find me behind my Nikon. 


I am a late-blooming photographer with an eye for delicious dishes who sometimes use that gift for a living. It helps that my boyfriend Paul is a retired chef (in so many more ways than one).

My nine-to-five involves connecting people who do with those who are planning to say I do. It’s a fancy way of saying I am a content writer for wedding vendors and venues. I like to say I work for love. It’s honest work, hugely enriching, and often inspiring.

My life experiences are extensive and not always sweet, but they have shaped my open mind. Sharing my lessons, opening safe spaces for vulnerability, and giving (sometimes tough) advice is my superpower. I always strive to help people find the direction they seek but cannot always see.


This blog's intention is little more than a way of giving a platform to thoughts and ideas that I believe can serve us well. My photography is simply a means to share intimate perspectives of the world. My stories are more intimate still. 

My single hope is that you find your mind opened to new possibilities, that perhaps you see things a new way, or dare to find your own voice in the crowd. To see yourself as worthy of expressing your authenticity. 

The request is simply this: take what serves you, and nothing more. 

It's an interesting outcome to a degree in film theory and a whole host of delicious critical majors. The truth is my lifelong love of cinema is probably what informs my visual eye. Film continues to be a central passion in my life, as does reading, critically engaging, and self-reflecting.