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Pinning down your goals, refining your unique voice, and winning over your ideal audience is what I do.

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Marketing & Brand Copy


A delicious mix of content marketing, PR and consumer psychology. Mine is an engaging style of writing which invites the reader to learn more about your brand without feeling like a sales pitch. Think subtle suggestion rather than coercive yelling.


More and more, customers are favouring brands with a face, spirit and an appealing sensibility. My job is to tell the world about your brand, the customers that support you, your products or services, your ethos, and all those unique qualities that intrigue, delight, and make you who you are.

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Website Copy

Gourmet Tart Company

Artisan Food Producers

"Keshia introduced me to the concept of copywriting and its value. By taking the time  to get to know our brand, she provided content that has undoubtedly directly increased our sales.


An absolute pleasure to work with and a true joy to be around, Keshia has become an essential part of our team."

Michelle Hyland,

Owner, Gourmet Tart Company

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What We Do at Gourmet Tart
What We Do at Gourmet Tart

Website Copy & Photography

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About Us Gourmet Tart Copy
About Us Gourmet Tart Copy

About Us Website Copy

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Product Descriptions

Gourmet Tart Company recently expanded their business into a full-scale online hamper business.


The goal was to bring the Gourmet Tart Company vibe to home across Ireland in the midst of the pandemic. Built on an ethos of spreading kindness and human connection, Gourmet Tart's new venture insured the security of their employee's jobs while provided many more in an unstable environment.


With the almost instantaneous demand of the hampers, Gourmet Tart needed a complete overhaul of their website and social media presence. This is where I came in.

Limited Edition Hamper Copy | Gourmet Ta
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Father's Day Copy | Gourmet Tart Company


"For someone who knows what they want to convey but is not able to articulate it properly into words, Keshia's skill and professionalism in proofreading, editing and copywriting is invaluable and a tremendous support.


Keshia has an absolute gift with words, and the skill of seeing what it is a person wants to express/relay and then writing it creatively, professionally and very eloquently."

Setske Roelofs / Holistic Therapist

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Newsletter Copy

Email marketing is one trend that will never go out of style.  They are a fantastic way to build trust and connection with your consumer base. Plus newsletters provide a reason for your audience to return to your website, engage with your brand, and feel connected.

Finca Argayall

Wellness Retreat Centre

Finca Argayall is a sustainable living retreat nestled in a secluded bay in La Gomera.


Their company started as a project in communal living in 1986 and has since expanded into a popular wellness retreat offering vegetarian food, meditative programmes and a multitude of other holistic services.


The key appeal of the Finca Argayall is their environmentally friendly living, relying mostly  on their own sustainable energy and permaculture garden.


Recently the Finca Argayall has been focusing on evolving their retreat into an educational space dedicated to passing on their experience to the younger generation. This means venturing into the digital world of social media in order to reach their new target audience. An absolute first for them!


Finca Argayall approached me looking for guidance on the right direction they needed to take. They came to exactly the right place.  

Creative Content

80% of internet users interact with blogs as well as social media sites. And companies who do blog produce an average of 67% more leads per month than blogs who don’t

Lifestyle Article Copy

Lifestyle Article Copy | Don't Be Afraid of Burnt Butter Blog

Keshia Sophia Article

Article Copy | Don't Be Afraid of Burnt Butter

Keshia Sophia Article

Article Copy | Don't Be Afraid of Burnt Butter