“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart, and head.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

If you are here, you know that photography is powerful.

The right image can conjure a memory, provoke an emotion, or tantalise the senses. Sometimes all at once. 


A truly great photograph is one that captures a moment and releases it into mind of the viewer. But a camera is powerless without a good eye.


Anyone can point and shoot, but it takes a personal touch to make a visual impact that resonates with your audience. Making human connections requires a heart and head behind the lens. 


And not just mine. 


Every creation, every product, has a story behind it and an audience eager to hear it. My job is to bridge that gap authentically and provocatively.



You might call mine an intimate approach. I’m a slave to texture and so are your senses. Creating such a visual connection means getting up close and personal and I’m not afraid to go macro. 


Stripped down, pared back and filled with natural light is my style. All the better to let your product shine. But don’t despair, if a great backdrop and a harmonizing prop enhances your creation, I’m all for it. 


If that sounds like your vibe, take a peek at my portfolio and see if our tastes align! 


Photography is an investment. But it’s one that always pays off.


If it’s done right

Freezing moments in time and sharing those sensations with a large audience takes time. I want to ensure you get the most out of your images. But I also want to be sure we tell your story authentically. 

ough Nee Smoked Eel and Kylemore Potato

On Location

Sometimes the best setting is where the germ of your idea bloomed into a gem. Whether an Intimate café, full-scale dining room, or free-roaming food truck, if the lighting’s good and there’s room for one more, I’m there. 


Just like clients, every shoot is unique. And so it should be. Understanding that everyone’s needs are different, packages are custom designed with the filling of brief.


So if you have a new menu to share, an item to show off or just wanting a little content upgrade, location permitting, let’s have a chat. 

Yellow Spot Whiskey.JPG

Home Studio

Getting up close and personal with a product sometimes requires intimate surroundings. 


Filled with natural light and with quality equipment at hand, my studio has just what you need for your product to stand out. Most importantly, it has the time and space for capturing the unique style of your brand . 


Packages start at €200 for 10 photos with a range of charming backdrops and props, and no shortage of rooms for scene setting.  


If you have a specific style in mind or story you want to share, drop me a line and we’ll set the wheels in motion.