• Keshia Sophia

Top Marketing Trends of 2021

With more businesses making the move online this year, keeping your finger on the digital pulse is essential for growth. Competition may be tougher but community is still central to online marketing. So when it comes to improving leads and achieving those sales, we’re connecting with people in the know to bring you the top marketing trends for 2021.

User Generated Content and Social Media among the Top Trends in Digital Marketing 2021
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

In the spirit of Mindful Marketing, the latest prediction is that marketing in 2021 will a more empathetic affair. Inclusion and progression are central in marketers minds and with good reason. We have mentioned previously that Millennials are the new top purchasing generation and with a preference for conscious brands, their influence on the digital marketing place is palpable.

As digital nomads and virtual shopping becomes the norm, consumers are favouring the human touch. This means finding brands they can trust, authentic businesses, and socially conscious marketing that understands the importance of inclusivity. Spreading kindness is a trend that remains likely to stay and continue influencing the ever-changing digital marketplace in the following ways:

The Rise of Hyper-Personalised Email

Direct mail has always been a corner stone of excellent digital marketer with no signs of slowing down. With people spending more time at home and remote working remaining a mainstay, companies are tapping into inboxes with great success.

From newsletters to digital postcards, email provides a unique touchstone for authentic audience-brand connection. This means an increase in personalisation and segmenting your subscribers to ensure each campaign reaches your target audience.

Today’s consumers are far more aware of data than ever before. With absolute transparency of the information they provide comes higher expectations of the personalised experience they receive in return. For more information on how your business can get the most out of your mailing list, check out SuperOffice’s article on Email Marketing Strategy.

Influencers as Brand Advocates

Authenticity and community are the name of the game and what better way for businesses to achieve human connection than through the influencer market. 2020 saw the rise of the TikTok star, equal measures accessible and authentic. 2021 is no different. Brand building through Influencer Advocates has always been an effective strategy for connecting with target audience. Who better for consumers to trust than their peers?

In a recent survey with Forbes, only 1% of Millennials felt that a compelling advertisement would persuade them to trust a brand. With pop-up advertising a proven blindspot of Generation Z and trust in target institutions on the out, reaching the tech savvy consumer has posed a significant problem for more traditional marketers.

Understanding that Gen Z have become adept at training algorithms to serve them, businesses can expect to do well investing in brand advocates and tapping into the micro-influencer market. User Generated Content is now king and should form a central role in your content marketing strategy.

Short Videos and Instagram Reels Take the Leads

When it comes to lead generation, marketers expect TikTok and Instagram to remain the popular choice. As Millennials have recently made the move to TikTok and more adults are favouring its accessible realistic style, businesses cannot afford to underestimate its power.

In keeping with this changing tide, Instagram has now moved Reels to the centre of its algorithm. Reels are key for users to get their content seen, increase their followers and grow engagement. With human connection now the main driver for consumers, engaging with your target audience is essential for sales. In fact, 62% of Millennials pledge brand loyalty to those who engage with them on social media.

With a direct line to your target audience and easy access to competition, incorporating social media into your market strategy is a win-win.

Brand Building with Purpose

Social issue neutrality is no longer an option for brands in the digital marketing place. In the search for more transparent and authentic brands, consumers are screening businesses that they feel cannot trust.

This means far more inclusivity in the workplace, a reconnection to core values, socially conscious campaigns, and an increased emphasis on sustainability. Far beyond public gestures, consumers want to ensure the money they spend is going towards businesses who are making a real impact. In fact 41% of consumers will shift their spending from those businesses that do not reflect their views on inclusivity.

In Summary

As the world shifts further online and society continues to evolve, reconnecting to the human values within your business is essential.

Transactional relationships are becoming a thing of the past as consumers are desiring more personalised experiences and sustainable returns on their spending. Whether this is channelling their money to brands making significant social changes, reducing their environmental impact, or spreading kindness, today’s consumers are favouring community over competition.

Staying engaged, answering your target audience’s pain points and increasing transparence are not only the hallmarks for mindful marketing. They are a no-brainer for a successful marketing strategy in 2021 and beyond.