Copywriting Services

1. Brand Journalism or Brand Copywriting

  • About Page

  • Website Landing Page

2. Marketing Copywriting

  • Flyers or Brochures

  • Product/Services Descriptions

Copywriting Services 

1. Audience & Topic Research

2. Blogging/Articles/Listicles

So, you know what a copywriter is and that you certainly need one. But before we pin down the exact services required, it may help to know the type of copywriting I do.


Brand journalism is a delicious mix of content marketing, PR and corporate communications. It’s an engaging style of writing which invites the reader to learn more about the brand without feeling like a sales pitch. Think more subtle suggestion than coercive yelling. 


More and more, customers are favouring brands with a face, spirit and an appealing sensibility. A brand journalist strives to tell the world about your brand, the customers that support you, your products or services, your ethos, and all those unique qualities that intrigue, delight, and make you who you are.


Services Include:


  • Blogging                                                          

  • Articles or Listicles

  • Newsletters


A Brand journalist but with the mind of a consumer psychologist and a flair for marketing. This is not just about grabbing the attention of your target audience, this is about making them feel that your brand has the answer to their burning question. Or, better yet, the answer to the question they didn’t know they had. 


This involves becoming one with your target customer, getting to know what moves them, what pains them, and what sets their souls alight. The marketing copywriter uses research and insight to develop compelling copy that drives the customer towards your brand. 


Services Include: 


  • Audience and Topic Research

  • Blogging

  • Email Content

  • Social Media Copy






  • Audience Research 


This process enables you to pinpoint your main target audience. Are they passionate Gen Zs with low attention spans and lower patience? Or perhaps they are nostalgic Millennials looking for escape? 


As much we love to generalise entire generations, depending on gender, geographic location, culture, socio-economic background, skin colour, each member has a specific way of seeing the world. 


My job is to narrow down your target customer and paint you a detailed picture. One that will help you identify what moves them, shakes them, pains them and thrills them. 


  • Topic Research


An extension of the former, topic research means finding the content topics that appeal to your target audience. This is a necessary part of blogging which ensures that the content you receive works for your brand and not just an aside of it. 


Pulling random ideas out of thin air can only get you so far. To authentically represent you, I need to know your industry, your audience, and your brand inside out. Only then can we establish the topics that align with your goals. 


The combination of both ensures all content appeals to the right people and that it helps your brand to continuing growing towards those long-term goals. 


  • Average Price: From €75 per research report




80% of internet users interact with blogs as well as social media sites. And companies who do blog produce an average of 67% more leads per month than blogs who don’t.  


Blogging is a powerful yet simple way to build authority, trust, and brand recognition. In order to gain these benefits, blogs need to be of high quality and written with high-authority. Up-to-date expert knowledge matters.


A great expert blog is engaging, informative and relevant to your target audience. This involves slipping into your brand voice seamlessly, while speaking on a personal yet authoritative manner to your audiences. Research is a key part of this. 


  1. Short Form Blogging – 500 to 750 words. 

  2. Long Form Blogging – 1200 to 2000 words. 


  • Average Price per word: From €0.15 - €0.20 

You can view samples of my blogs and articles here 




Website landing pages covers anything from ‘About Us’ pages to the home page. Much like a blog, web pages need a consistent brand voice and tone that is authoritative yet personable. 


They are designed to make navigation of your site as seamless as possible. Not only this, but they must possess strategic use of keywords to rank highly on the  search engine results page. 


  • Average Price: From €0.10 per word. From €50 per 500 word page.

You can view samples of my work here



Email marketing is one trend that will never go out of style. As long as people have email, companies will always invest time and money into utilizing those avenues. And why shouldn’t they? 58% of consumers check their emails first thing in the morning and 60% have made a purchase after receiving a marketing message. 


So what services can I offer to help you take advantage of such a platform? 


  1. Single Sales/Promotional Emails - From €0.15 per word


A fantastic way to build trust and connection with your consumer base. These are perfect for sharing new content or a new product. 

  2. Newsletters - From €0.10 - €0.15 per word


Newsletters provide a reason for your audience to return to your website, engage with your brand, and feel connected. It also allows you to create and maintain a loyalty program which only means great opportunity for your business. 

View samples of my work here

Not only can an effective description answer your audience’s question, it works to persuade and overcome any hesitations to adding that product to their cart. 


My job is to provide you with a description that grabs attention and hits hard with the detail while being fully optimised for search engines. 


  • Average Price: From 0.10 per word. From €20 per 200 word description.


View samples of my work here




While most marketing is conducted online, never underestimate the power of great print marketing. Especially when advertising your brand locally. It’s low cost, highly effective, and easy to distribute. 


Written well, a great flyer/brochure/catalogue explains your products/services in a clear and impactful way. Not only engaging your audience, but prompting them to purchase. 


  • Average Price: From €0.15 per word.  




I strongly advice every business to do their own social media. It’s a direct line to your audience and a fantastic way to build valuable connections. The most authentic voice is your own and to share it through social media is to truly do your brand justice. 


However, when you have a specific campaign or promotion to launch, getting the wording right is crucial. This is where I come in. 


  • Average Price: From €4 + per post

If you already found the words and committed them to paper, I can help refine your flow. Even the most gifted writers find merit with a solid proofread and an edit. 

Whether it's perfecting your voice, tuning your rhythm, or full proofing your argument, amazing things can happen when we work together. 

  • Average Price: From €25 per hour*​​

Average length of time: 800 words per hour for edits, 2000 words per hour for proofreading​

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3. Website Landing Page

4. Email Content and Newsletters 

5. Product/Service Descriptions

6. Flyers/Brochures/Catalogues

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